Op. Dr. Ali Cemal Yılmaz | Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist

Gynecomastia Treatment with Vaser Liposuction


It's an overdevelopment of the male breast. It is seen in the newborn period, adolescence and old age, called non-pathologic physiologic. In 60% of gynecomastia in newborns, it is caused by estrogen passed from mother to baby. During adolescence, 64% of men experience this situation. It is seen in 30% in old age. The cause of gynecomastia is often known.

The duration of breast enlargement, the presence of pain-sensitivity, the use of certain medications, weight gain or loss, and a history of liver disease or hyperthyroidism should be investigated. The presence of certain syndromes or cancers should also be investigated.

If gynecomastia patients have no symptoms in their history, there is no need for a investigation. The treatment is surgical and unfortunately there is no non-surgical treatment option. In the absence of a significant mass (detectable by examination and ultrasound), liposuction may be appropriate. It is especially useful for those with excess fat tissue. VASER liposuction is more beneficial especially in patients with breast gland tissue and fibrous tissue. Because the shape of the chest muscles is preserved as well as reducing the unwanted appearance. The operation takes an average of one and a half hours. The patient can return to work the next day. 3 weeks corset use is recommended.

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