The Definitive Solution To Sweating “Vaser”

The problem of sweating in the armpit area, which is negatively affected by the appearance and quality of life of many people, can now be solved with Vaser assisted treatment.

Sweating, which has a very important role in maintaining the body temperature, water and salt balance, is a physiological phenomenon seen in all healthy people, but due to the bad smell and image caused by it can turn into a serious and unbearable problem.

In particular, armpit sweating leaves people in a difficult situation in professional life and social life and sometimes embarrasses them.

Men and women are at the same rate.

The problem of sweating and smell of sweat is seen in men and women in the same ratio, contrary to common belief in society. This problem is more common in people of black race than in whites.

In the United States, the incidence of vaccine sweating problem is close to 3%.

Although it is not so common in our country, the rate of those who complain of sweating is not underestimated. It can cause serious problems.

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