Information About Liposuction

Most of us are wondering what liposuction is and have questions we want to ask. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to ask these questions or we are afraid. Here are answers to those questions you’re wondering.

As with any operation, the doctor should be experienced in liposuctionda. It must have operated with a large number of different compositions and to have a ‘b’ plan against every possibility. This should inform the patient in detail, taking into account the expectations of the patient before the operation. In addition, liposuction should have basic theoretical issues and follow scientific publications.

There is a limit to the amount of fat to be taken in terms of both health and comfort after the operation of the patient. Patients always want more. When the amount of blood is reduced, the amount of fat to be aspirated will increase as the amount of blood to be aspirated. Since Vaser Liposuction is specific to fat tissue, 7000-8000 CC fat can be aspirated. Of course, this situation can vary from patient to patient.

After liposuction, there is certain tightening and stretching in the skin. Liposuction is not just the process of taking out the fat tissue under the skin. As a result of the process, this is stretching and tightening. With advances in technology, Vaser and laser liposuction are making more skin tightening and tightening than traditional liposuctiona. However, if the age, the number of birth and skin elasticity are excessive, removal of the skin (mini abdominplasty, arm and thigh lift) may be required. In this case, although there is a certain scar, this scar can be stored visually.

The hospital’s blood center should be labootu, intensive care and a quality operating room. There should also be a night-watch Doctor.

After liposuction, pain, length of healing time, ekimoz and edema were very important reasons for the patients not to have this operation. But in the 80s vaser liposuction was used to reduce these complaints. Recently used laser liposuctionda is very useful. There is no superiority between these devices, but there are differences in usage areas. Vaser Liposuction is more successful in the shoulder back thigh and butt where the connective tissue is too.

Exercise and diet should be done at every stage of life. Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells and healing fibrous tissue is difficult to lubricate after the same place. But it’s not impossible. For this reason, diet and exercise after the operation should be continued as a way of life.

The risks of the patient should be weighed before the operation. These include the length of the operation time, the amount of fat tissue to be removed, smoking, hypertension and the presence of cardiovascular disease, obesity, the use of birth control drugs. These cases can be taken against a safe operation. Precautions should be taken against venous embolism that can be seen in every operation. These measures are blood thinners, varicose stockings and early mobilization. Since healing is achieved after 5 months, the results can be fully evaluated. 20% of the contour irregularities should be seen. But this is 2-5% with Vaser and laser. These can be revived under local conditions.

With vaser liposuction, the healing process is both fast and comfortable. The patient stands up and walks the same day. It’s a tight corset. 10. Day after day can be replaced with low body corset. Only patients can not see immediately as a result of excitement and impatience during the waiting period.

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