Are women always talking about liposuction, some men talk about


Men who do not have the body they desire and say, “if I had the body I wanted, I would have been more successful” are doing sports and diet to get closer to their goals, dressed in style and lying under the knife for aesthetic operations and “how to make men forget fat” or “do men care for fat?”” men are curious about it. Fat collected in the regions of love arms (also called pretzels or love handles) between the waist and hip is nerve-wracking for men who want to get the body shape they want.

It is much more difficult to get rid of fat in these regions than in other regions. Those who want to get rid of the fat in this region usually have to take liposuction that is fat.

It is very difficult for men to decide on this operation, in which women accept them more easily because of their unique circumstances.

Hi-Definition, sportive and self-care for men with liposuction to give the abdominal region of the baklava slice image and feminine breast appearance is easier to correct. In fact, the liposuction technique applied in men is not different from women. The main difference here is the application of the hi-definition method using vaser liposuction.

Attention loves arms:

“The region forming the waist curve is called the arms of love for lubrication.” Love arms require very special techniques to intervene because of the connective tissue it contains. It is difficult to get fat from this area and shape it with the effect of wound healing mechanism. Ivaser liposuction methods can be activated and effective results can be obtained.

Attention: alcohol and non-athletes

It is more difficult to produce solutions for middle-aged men who do not have sports or diets, who consume alcohol, but want to have an ideal abdomen. Men who do not do sports and diet, and who drink mostly, have abdominal muscles deteriorate. So there’s nothing to do in this situation? Of course you do.

In this case, diet and exercise programs should be applied for a certain period of time before the operation. The application of this sport and diet program after the operation can increase the chance of success to achieve the desired image by almost 100%. In case of need, abdominoplasty can also be applied to patients for better appearance.

Attention: Love arms and residue oil layers of athletes can be easily taken.

Liposuction is perhaps the most useful group of patients.

Gynecomastia is the feminine appearance of the male breast. Physiologically, it is seen in newborn period, adolescence and old age. In adolescence, 64% of men are seen in the elderly by 30%. The cause of gynecomastia is often known. The presence of a history of drug use, weight gain or loss (especially in athletes), liver disease or hyperthyroidism should be investigated. In addition, the presence of certain syndromes or cancers should be investigated. If there is no symptoms in the history of gynecomastia patients, there is no need to investigate. Treatment is surgery. Liposuction can be performed in the absence of a significant mass (which can be detected with an ultrasound). Especially in those with excess fat tissue is much more useful.

Attention: Vaser Liposuction is especially useful in those with breast gland tissue and fibrous tissue VASER liposuction. Because the shape of the chest muscles is protected as it reduces the unwanted image.

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