Analysis Of The Face In Nasal Aesthetic

Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden rule alone can be beautiful. But is the patient’s desire a beautiful nose? Let me answer again, of course not. What he wants is a nice, melted nose. So, the nose alone is nothing.

Behind the teeth; it’s just in your nose are evaluated when the height of the tip of the nose is increased. But in this case, the jaw tension shows itself more. The tip of the jaw can be stretched forward and down with a fat filling or prosthesis. If the patient does not agree to this, the nose should be made less than the projection.

In this case, the nose tip should be more height. This will not be a very acceptable situation. The tip of the jaw should be trimmed or cut down.

The length of the upper lip; the lips are short, but the presence of long lips after the operation disturbs the patient more. also, it is nice to see the gums while smiling at the upper teeth normally with women.

The distance between the two eyes is wide; this is especially a problem in the black race. This distance is the width of the nose bottom. Internal and external nostrils should be kept wider.

Cheekbones are faint; beauty perception is an important point. If the volume is given with fat or other fillings in opeation, the nose aesthetic will be more beautiful.

The bones of the cheekbones should have harder lines than the nose. the nose should have a soft line if it is softer. Eye; the eye has some aesthetic criteria. Almond Eye is not difficult to create and will make the patient happy.

It is not very pleasant for someone who has had a nose job to have a lot of eyelid. There should not be a cover on top of the eyelash. In addition, a soft filling on the outer edge of the eyelid (under the eyebrow) will make the patient very pleasant.

Eyebrows, especially the outer part of the eyebrows to be low will leave a beautiful nose in the shade. Even patients should be treated with low eyebrows before rhinoplasty. Botox and rope suspension can be made.

Forehead; forehead may be behind or in the future, this will affect the curve to be given to the nose. If there is a marked forehead tension at the hairline level, it will not be pleasant to give a nose curve. It wouldn’t be nice to make a flat nose for someone with a middle forehead.

After all, rhinoplasty is like a very unknown equation. Patients should know that they can not guide the doctor in case of this unknowable. It’s just that they listen to their doctors in a good way and express their opinions.

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